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Melissa Brasgold

Lecture6PsychosocialdevelopmentpartVSTEREOTYPESWhat is a stereotype Exagerated ofen prejudice view of a person in a group of people Can be negative or positivePeople hold stereotypes without researching them if someone doesnt fit stereotype they consider them an exeption Maybe have a historical reality behind stereotype or only one occurece or used to fir a group but no londer does They need to be eliminated or reevaluatedMany forms of stereotyping1Genderidentification as being female or male distinct from a person biological sex2Age 3Race 4Socioeconomic status5Physical attributes weight attractiveness hair colorSTEREOTYPES IN AGING AND ELDERYKnoz and GekoskikmjStudents rated older individuals less favorable than middle aged and younger individuals onAutonomy effectiveness personal acceptabilityWorkplace Ageims62 agreed employers believe OA should step aside and 50 that OA have low productivity84 agreed employers discriminate when hiringBieman and bouchard Age bias studyBoth older and younger people rate memory success better for younger people Small number of older adults have dementiaPersonal acceptability taking responsibility for what they do they think older adults dont do this They think they arent great at everything think they arent capable of doing thingsIT information technology young people Constant turnover of employees need to know new technology
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