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Louise Edmonds

Abnormal Aging: Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease Normal Aging - Intellectual ability declines age - Information = knowledge? - Information = Intelligence? o Just because you have the information at your finger tips does not mean you are intelligent – it is not about how quick you can do something, but about what you obtain and your wisdom - Crystallized Intelligence o Depends on stored information and learning - Developmental Intelligence o Growth of wisdom in later life, advanced style of cognition 50 First Dates - Memory loss by itself does not mean a person has dementia - Family and friends may be first to notice signs of dementia - Lose short term memory but recall childhood events Dementia - Refers to many different diseases (umbrella term) o Latin: “away” + “mind” - Different types caused by different physical changes to the brain - Some are reversible - Some are irreversible Causes - Alzheimer’s disease - Vascular Dementia - Alcoholism - Parkinson’s Disease - Drug/Medication intoxication - Degenerative - Vascular - Traumatic - Intracranial Space Occupying Lesions - Metabolic causes - Infection - Toxic disorders - Endocrine disorders - Psychiatric disorders About The Brain - Plaques and tangles - About the Brain: - Plaques and Tangles destroy the Hippocampus (memory centre of the brain) they then kill brain cells in other areas of the brain, slowly degenerating the brain and logical thought, language, memory. Takes on average 8-10 years to cycle through the entire phases of Alzheimer’s from memory loss to death. Dementia:
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