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Lecture 10

GRT 2100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Chronic Condition, Terminal Illness, Overdiagnosis

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GRT 2100
Sonia Gulati

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Thursday, May 22nd, 2014
Lecture 10: Aging and Medical/ Health Problems
Midterm: 60 questions
10-15 questions per lecture
All multiple choice
What drives healthcare costs up?
Complexity of individual cases
DEATH/ your proximity to it
Defining Health:
Do you feel like you’re leading a meaningful live? Are you able to achieve your goals?
Policies to promote your health
Sufficient resources and materials that allow you to live a meaningful life
Defining Illness: Germ- Theory:
Cure is often the goal of acute illness
Chronic requires more long term managing
Not all conditions can be cured, but you’re trying to manage them or limit the impact
you have on your daily life
Chronic illness can go undetected until they experience a major deficit in their lives
HIV can be thrown under the chronic illness category
Terminal illness= progressive. Care: providing more comfort measures for people.
Helping to minimize some of the aggressive symptoms they may experience. Reduce
anxieties surrounding some of these conditions
Defining Disease, Illness, Sickness:
Disease is based on a medical diagnosis
Illness: person recognizes they have it
These concepts can function independently of each other
You can have a disease but not feel ill or sick from it (ex: hypertension, cancer in the
initial stages)
You can feel ill and act sick and yet not visit a physician (ex: common cold)
Patients feel illness and act sickness and physicians diagnose and treat disease
Seniors and Health Conditions
Sensory changes: vision, hearing
Recalling info, such as people’s names
Cognitive behavioural therapies to address pain related symptoms
Canada: Disability Rates Seniors, 2005
With age, disability rates increase, 14.3%
14.3% of the Canadian population has a disability
Global rate: 15%
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