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Lecture 13

GRT 2100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: John Peters Humphrey, Elder Abuse, Ageism

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GRT 2100
Sonia Gulati

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014
Lecture 13: Human Rights, Aging and Ageism: Discrimination, Decision Making and
Capability and Substitute Decision Making
Human Rights and Civil Rights
Human rights cross ethnicity, gender age
Civil rights are more of a legal concepts associated with people’s right
Both concepts reject discrimination
Higher focus on civil rights terminology in the US
Ex of rights: right against unjust treatment, right to freedom, security, liberty
Can we restrict a person’s rights: prisons
John Peters Humphrey: universal draft of declaration of human rights, Canadian
Age Discrimination
More of a legal concept used to promote equality
Age is a socially constructed stereotype focused towards older persons
Positive stereotypes of aging: wisdom
Most seniors live at home in the community
Assumption that most live in institutions, suffer from dementia or will eventually,
responsible for all the traffic accidents that occur
Most things are structured for people that are young and able- bodied
Ageism often leads to discrimination
Also comes up with elder abuse, not all are considered illegal/ punishable by policy or
law. Ex: abandonment,
Age discrimination example on slide issues: immigrant status, access to healthcare
End of Mandatory Retirement
Cannot discriminate against people over 65 in terms of promotions, training
opportunities and termination practices, hiring practices
Article: Ontario Health System Discriminates...
Findings: long wait time, dealing with inadequate support and resources, not getting
rehabilitation services they needed or convalescent care, there were several bed
closures reported, in ONT. specifically, there were 4 fewer health care workers for
1000 people compared to the rest of Canada
The length of stay in hospitals in ONT. was approx. 6.4 days vs the national average
of 7.7 days
Approx 10 000 people are wait- listed for home care
Increased funding to 17.3 B dollars from 11.3 B
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