HIS1111 Lecture 16: FInal Exam Review Sheet (Final Version)

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15 Mar 2016

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Final Exam Review Sheet (preliminary)
Thomas Boogaart
Fall 2015
Date: Dec 10
Time: 9:30-11:30
Venue: Marion 150
Value 70 PTS (35%)
I. Purpose of this Sheet: This is a comprehensive review sheet. Any and all questions
you may have pertaining to the final exam should be found here. Additionally, all exam
questions are drawn from here. That means that those mastering these questions should
ensure themselves a high mark on the exam
II. Examination Rules
1. The exam is a mandatory part of your grade computation. Missing the exam will result
in an incomplete. If a catastrophic accident does befall you should notify me as soon as
feasible and petition the faculty for a deferral and follow their policies. Minor
illnesses, family issues, misread exam schedules, and transportation snafus are
generally not accepted as valid excuses for missing an exam. Typically, no appeals are
accepted ten days after the final examination was administered. The university requires
an application for deferral at least five days after the exam has taken place. For more
details consult the Course Contract.
2. Students who arrive later than twenty minutes after the distribution of examination
questionnaires will not be admitted into the examination room.
3. Please check your grade record before the final exam. All your marks excepting the
final exam will be featured there the night before the exam. Please note that the
running tab function on Blackboard will not accurately reflect your running total. It
only records your score on the assignments which you completed.
4. As you enter the examination hall, consult the seating chart. All the desks are
identified by number and you must sit in your assigned sheet and have your
identification card visible.
5. When you receive your exam, make sure that you label it properly. Your last name
must be written out in full and the appropriate ovals filled in. You must also supply
your student number.
6. There are yellow and blue versions of the exam just like the midterm. When you have
completed your exam you must return all examination materials to the front of the
room. After providing your ID, put your exam in the appropriately marked yellow or
blue pile.
7. You may not vacate the lecture hall or leave your seat without permission for any
reason. If you do need assistance please raise your hand and an invigilator will come
and consult with you.
a. With multiple choice questions it is not uncommon that two responses both
seem right. Try to rethink the question and approach it from a new perspective.
b. Monitors cannot help you to answer exam questions. If you believe there is an
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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error on the exam note this on the actual exam and bring it to the attention of
the professor when you turn in your examination.
c. Dictionaries are not allowed in the examination hall. If English is not your
native language and you encounter a word that you do not know, the invigilator
can provide you with a cognate.
d. Students may not go to the bathroom except in very exceptional circumstances.
Please go to the bathroom beforehand and avoid taking too many liquids before
the exam starts. If you leave your desk for any unexcused reason, your exam is
considered turned in
8. According to university rules, no one is allowed to leave the examination hall before at
least one hour has expired so as not to disturb others. This evacuation time will be
publically announced.
9. All electronic devices must be stowed away in your bag.
10. This is a two hour exam. On the chalk board in front of the class and later on orally,
the professor will communicate at strategic intervals how much time has expired or is
11. When exiting the examination hall please be as quiet as possible so as not to disturb
any other students. Do not converse with friends who might still be taking the exam.
12. When you have completed your exam bring your exam and student ID to the front of
the examination hall. (NOTE: You need to have a valid student ID for the final exam.
If you have lost it for some reason you can bring your passport.)
13. After turning in the exam sign out on the official sheet.
III. Exam Skeleton and Testing Principles
Value: 70 points/35% mark
40 Multiple Choice Questions (40 pts/1 pt./ea.): 35 on content and 5 map questions on
Asia, Middle East (not including North Africa), and Latin America (not including the
Caribbean). For the geography section it is just contemporary state identification. You
can use a flash quiz to study (http://lizardpoint.com/geography/americas-quiz.php?
type=randmenu). The format will be same as the midterm; state identification on blank
map with five multiple choice options.
5 of 9 ID Questions (30 pts/ 6 pts./ea.): From the list below, which is somewhat
smaller than the terms on the review slides at the end of lecture presentations.
NOTE: This is a scientifically constructed exam. Transparency and integrity are
important values in any evaluation system. To abet transparency, I have provided a
sample exam questions hand out that illuminates the format and genre of the exam
questions. Second, I have provided a practice quiz with questions featured from
previous exams. All the material tested on the exam is provided here on the review
sheet. All the eligible key terms are listed here. Furthermore, the format of the
identification questions and the rubrics used for evaluating the ID questions are
provided below. Additionally:
1. The distribution of the exam questions will equitably
reflect the course content and the weight given to various
2. The exam questions are geared to what was actually
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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covered and emphasized in lecture so that those with
attendance stand to benefit.
3. The difficulty of the exam questions will be weighted to
distinguish learning comprehension. (Typically 25%
difficult, 50% average difficulty, and 25% bunny
4. Final grades will reflect mastery of the material presented
in class, departmental norms, and the definitions outlined
on the syllabus and student handbook.
5. This is a comprehensive exam, but not more than 6 MC
or 3 ID terms will come from the pre-midterm material.
Relative to the pre-midterm material more obvious
materials will be tested. I recommend that you review the
midterm review sheet and your notes once before the
exam. For most people that will suffice.
6. Primary sources are fair game on the exam, but the
questions on the exam will not be from totally obscure
texts or passages. Usually there are 2-3 primary source
questions of different sorts, including author
identification of select passages.
7. Essay and Discussion material is prominently featured in
the exam on the idea that you already have a good grasp
of this material.
Official University of Ottawa Final Examination Rules
V. Identification Formatting/Rubric/Marking: Select five of the following nine terms.
Using the text block on your exam, in consecutive sentences, identify the event, person,
or institution and then explain its significance relative to world history.
EX. Berlin Crisis (1948-49)
This international crisis was provoked when Stalin cut rail and land access to the Western
sectors of Berlin in 1948. Stalin fearing the imminent unification of the Western sectors
of Germany into the capitalistic bloc, intended to force the Western Allies to the
negotiating table, but nearly triggered a war averted through an air lift that kept Western
Berlin supplied through the air.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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