HIS 1111 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Marshall Plan, Nuremberg, Allied-Occupied Germany

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15 Mar 2016

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Sample Exam Questions
Prelude: This study guide features questions from previous midterm examinations to help you
understand how the professor is incorporating lecture materials into exam and the professor’s
examination style. On the actual exam the questions will fall into three levels of difficulty
(bunny, medium difficulty, and challenging) according to a 25:50:25% ratio. Please note that
since the content of previous courses may have been different, the questions and their responses
may in some cases be difficult to answer based on this year’s content. The exam questions are
always generated based on the assigned text and what was actually delivered and emphasized
during the lecture period.
1. The Sub-Saharan phase of decolonization was stimulated by:
A. The 1954 French defeat at Dien Bien Phu that signaled that European states could not
successfully repress nationalism inside their colonies.
B. The 1956 Suez Crisis where Britain and France were forced to unceremoniously
withdraw due to public pressure from throughout the world.
C. The 1958 Accra conference in which Nkrumah invited nationalists from all over
D. All of the above.
E. None of the above
A causal event style question, designed around an important class theme. No more than 25% of
the questions will be in the multiple choice style format.
2. All the following represented pillars holding up the postwar world order except:
A. A falling out between the allies against Nazism, which resulted in the emergence of
the Cold War and the division of Europe into two blocs.
B. A repudiation of Hitler’s war, Nazism, and genocide by the incorporation of counter
principles of freedom, just war, and universal human rights into international
institutions like the UN (United Nations).
C. The creation of a network of international financial institutions charged with
facilitating trade and economic recovery.
D. The creation of the United Nations with a security council charged with enforcing
world peace and interceding with dictators.
E. The Marshall plan, which provided financing for the independence of Europe’s
The Marshall plan was very significant but it was designed to rebuild Europe. A casual reader of
course slides would have a difficult time with this question.
3. “Mr. Churchill sometimes recalls I his speeches the common people from small houses,
patting them on the shoulder in a lordly manner and pretending to be their friend. But these
people are not so simpleminded as it might appear at first sight. Common people, too, have their
opinion and their own politics. And they know how to stand up for themselves:
The speaker is:
A. Stalin
B. Beveridge
C. Atlee
D. Marshall
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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