HIS2102 Lecture 14: Athens - march 21st 2016

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5 Apr 2016

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Athens, Persia and Sparta
March 21st 2016
In year 428, Archadamis invades Attica again, but doesn’t stick around for too
long, the Athenians were prepared to send a fleet to the pelopannase but the
reconsider when they heard the allied states of metolini, open revolt against them
and trying to take control over the island of Lesbos. Its important because its one
of the last producing ship for the Athenians. They began a blockade of the
Mytilene, however, they ask Sparta for help not only to send ships to confront the
Athenians but invade Attica for the second time. The Spartans did not invade
In 427, the polopannasian invade Attica but the important bit is happening across
the Aegean. The Mytalene revolt ends in 427. They decide to arm the citizens to
join the revolt. The citizens turn on them and make them surrender to the
Athenians, it backfires. Back at Athens , debate took place in the assembly. The
“Mytilene debate”, the Athenians discuss what out to be done for this ally. The
voice of Clean(429,422) replacing pericles, he was an acoomplish politician, had
an aggressive approach. In the debate, Cleon calls for a drastic punishment and
the assemblies agree. The Athenian order was to excute all the adult males and to
sell the woman and children into slavery. The next day, many in the assembly
were doubting that they had made the right call. A second assembly was called,
debate continues, the Athenian realized that they hadn’t made the best decision.
Executing everyone would set a bad precedent, the consideration nthen was
should an ally revolt they are going to be inclined to fight to the death since they
were going to be executed anyways. And secondly, might lead to future revolt that
might get even worse. The assembly reverses their decision. They send another
message way faster than the other one. The roughly 1000 citizens responsible for
the revolt, were taken prisoners and sent to Athens, got executed by Cleon.
Fortifications were destroyed, they confiscated Lebos fleet and they established
cleruchy on Lesbos.
Shorttly after the revolt, Platea surrendered to the Spartans in 427. The Spartans
too were brutally minded. Each captive (Platean), were asked how much they
contributed to the war, they were put to death. Spartans destroyed the city.
In 427, we see the first deviations from Pericles defense strategy, when Athens
responds for help from their Sicilian allies they were besieged by Syracuse.
Athens sends help (ships). Athens wanted to frustrate the Pelopannasian grain
supply and also investigate the feasibility the conquest of Sicily. Athens sends 20
ships to Sicily.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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