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History Notes 228022011 RegionalismLack of nationalism means its easy for regionalism to emerge Roots other than provincial governments who expressed opposition Canadian governments expanding westward 300k pounds Canada purchases Ruperts land from HBC Council of Assiniboia governed the land priorWilliam McDougall was designated governor but was turned back by the metis Metis led by 25 year old Louis Riel Riel was schooled in Montreal he rallies the metis against the incursion by the Canadian government There was a party that opposed riel led by Dr John Schultz Riel sets up temporary government at ft Garry Riel also takes over the store run by Schultz Schultz escapes but individual named Thomas Scott 28 year old OrangemanantiCatholic refuses to abide by rules of his captures Metis court condemns him to death but some metis wanted his death to show that the metis meant business Two options one negotiate with Metis or military interventionCanadian troops deployed to Manitoba by the time the troops got there Riel fled to the United States Bilingual courts and etc in the metis system Land was sold from the metis many metis felt it was unfair deal so they moved west into Saskatchewan Canadian government strives to take the western lands to prevent American annexationDominion lands act 10 registration fee 1872 160 acres of land for 10 dollars However one had to build within three years some type of dwelling had to cultivate approx 20 of the land to prevent land speculation 1873 creation of north west mounted police First nations struggle to become farmers in the west Creation of residential boarding schools Designated for assimilation abuse commonBritish Columbia 1866 Vancouver island and the mainland new Caledonia merged into one colony Britain fearful of losing BC has naval base on Vancouver Island BC starts to negotiate its terms of entry BC not into confederation not because of nationalism but because of the good dealBC is promised a transcontinental railway within 10 years debt will be paid off annual subsidy Its a business deal theres no glue Alexander Mackenzie wants to slow down construction of the railwayPEI absentee landlords bought out PEI thus able to join confederation Macdonald wanted business syndicate to build railway found one under sir Hugh Allen Allen however funded conservative party looks as if he bought the charterDeal quite lucrative Pacific Scandal Allen forced to give up charter Alexander Mackenzie secret ballot Canadas supreme court refuses knighthood three times Economy under Mackenzie flounders Promoting national policy sir john a MacDonald tariffs to help spur growth Complaints from western Canada of being excluded Pooling resources Manitoba grain association Way of resisting domination by central Canada Settlement in west brings new provinces Saskatchewan Alberta etcFederal government in the initial deal controls resources under ground The Rebellion 1885Gabriel Dumont travels to Montana in 1884 Batoche Metis provisional government Metis first attack Ft Carleton obtains weapon battles at duck lake kills several Mounties Border between Saskatchewan and Alberta at Frog Lake Cree warriors kill 8 settlers Battle of batoche metis loses Riel refuses to plea for insanityHe is found guilty and sentenced to death although jury recommended compassion Macdonald urged to forgive Riel Riel seen as defender of French interests in the west Riel hanged Nov 16 188502032010 Imperialist PhilosophyAttachment to Britain play prominent role within British Empireth Britain facing latter 19 century new and vigorous competition In particular Germany Thus Britain wants its colonies to embark to contribute more on empire building Imperialists supporters say this is a pattern of development Imperialist leaders are Anglo and protestant influential individuals Tells Canadians they can test themselves rise to prominence have more influence in the worldImperialists promoting democracy uplifting less advanced peoples attachment to Britain would provide a strong counter weight to the threat and lure of the US appeal of militarism creates a population that would be more discipline more vigorous the type of population that would promote national progressUrban Canada many jobs becoming less physically demanding Unlike Britain Canadians thought they were the land of the future Ambitions within the empire obviously Britain would not allow a nation like Canada to rise to equal status Evident with John A MacDonald participated in the 1871 treaty of Washington trying to settle commercial disputes and outstanding claims from civil war period fishing disputes etcAmericans wanted access to fishing grounds in areas around Newfoundland Britain does not want to fight a war with the United States want to settle Canada wants compensation for Fenian raids and reciprocate treaty Britain tells Macdonald you can be one of five negotiators
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