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Henry Habib

2 decades international tension 1919-1939 10/11/10  All nations fell into one of two classes  One class is those who favoured the peace settlement of 1919  And those who wished to revise it  States that lost demanded more equity and access to markets  France led the first group, with the French army, the gold standards; they thought they would guarantee the stability of Europe.  Poland was recreated, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Yugoslavia benefited from the treaties  They formed an alliance with one another and with France  These states wanted to maintain the treaties  Holland, Portugal, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium- Holland, Portugal, and Belgium relied on the Royal Navy for support of their empires. Switzerland and Denmark maintained their neutrality  Germany led the revisionists. Germany lost 1/8 of its European territory, in addition to its colonies, as well 1/10 of its population  The Versailles Ditkat  Austrians and Hungarians formerly the privileged groups of the Hapsburg Empire. Shared German feelings  Also Italy was on the revisionist side, due to being unsatisfied for the gains made for participation in WWI  France and Britain grew to be rivals, did not stand together on all aspects of treaty revision.  Russia as a result of the war lost all the Baltic States, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, as well part of Poland.  France wanted to use the league of nations to freeze treaty of Versailles  Problem with League of Nations, where the universality?  League of Nations were used by France or Britain during initial League of Nations  Some nations started to resign from the league, starting with Japan.  Two minor states: Greece and Bulgaria about to go to war, League of Nations intervened  League of Nations mostly had no serious interest between Greco- Bulgarian conflict  Threatened both countries with facing the League of nations  Treaty of Locarno -1925 guaranteed the borders of Europe. Britain, France, Germany, Italy.  Briand- Kellogg pact- 1928, treaty outlawing aggressive war  1929, great depression  1928 Japan invaded Manchuria  1935- Italy invades Abys
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