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Henry Habib

HIS 1110 15/10/10 AH Empire ceased to exist. Allies decided to deal with them separately. AUSTRIA  Treaty of St. Germain, Sept 10th 1919: Stripped Austria of its empire and treaty was dictated to that nation (no negotiation) on o Prohibited to unite with Germany  Austrian Republic reduced to 1/10 of its former size  Demographic were 6.5 million Germans felt their state was no longer viable economically. Some Austrians asked for unity with Germany but France strongly opposed. HUNGARY  Treaty of Trianon June 4th 1920: Restricted Hungary to a small State (36 thousand sq. miles) BOTH  Were called upon to bear burden of reparations, but ability of both to pay was very little. Were mutilated and was nearly impossible for them to pay  Allies refused AH to call back the throne, hence countries remained without King  Out of remains, created Czechoslovakia, Czechoslovakia  3 million Germans in Sudetenland.  Allies were nice to the Czechs and Slovaks but punished the Germans and Magyars  Galicia annexed to Poland  Romania awarded Transylvania  Part of Banat awarded to Romania as well  Bosnia-Herzegovina united with Serbia and Montenegro  Resulted in the creation of Yugoslavia, with Serbia being the dominant part of that country  Italy received areas around Treize, Italians wanted Fiume, was refused, Fiume was declared a free city  Treaty of Rapello  Treaty of Neuilly nov 27 1919, dealt with Bulgaria, principle beneficiary was Serbia  Reparations asked from Bulgaria, reduction of armed forces, 1 million Bulgarians living in other states.  Aug 10 1920, allies tried to impose the treaty of Sevres, Turks resisted.  Turkish armed forces resisted, led by Mustapha Kemal  Greek took Smyrna/ Izmir  Eventually the treaty of Lausanne 1923 was signed; allowed Turkey to keep all her lands
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