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Henry Habib

Czechoslovakia continued 26/11/10  President of Czechoslovakia resigned over the Munich agreement st  Winston Churchill was completely opposed “disaster of the 1 magnitude”  France, Russia had a treaty with Czechoslovakia  Mussolini claimed several territories, Nice, Savoy, Tunisia  At one point Germany began agitating the Slovaks  New president of Czechoslovakia, Hacha 1975-1945  Hitler ordered him to come to Berlin  Bombarded him a lecture, “you have to come under a German protectorate” th  German troops on 16 of March crossed into Czechoslovakia and took over the city of Prague  Britain and France pledged their assistance to Poland  Britain and France also pledged support for Turkey, fearing a Russian intervention in Turkey 1939  Britain and France were hoping that Russia would join them with Hitler, but Hitler got to them before – the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact  Aug 23 1939 secret pact signed  The Baltic States: Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia were also permitted by Germany for Russia to annex them once again.  Germany attacked Poland on Sept 1 1939, Russia moved troops in as part of the agreement  Sept 3 1939 Allies declared war on Germany  Canada declared war against Germany on Sept 10 1930  Sept 17, Soviet Union attacked Poland U.S.A  President Wilson did n
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