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Henry Habib

HIS 1110 13/10/10 Post WWI World  Woodrow Wilson was optimistic in the post WWI, “America has no selfish ends to serve”  In addition Woodrow Wilson stated that the US did not expect compensation for participation in the war.  The British prime minster was David Lloyd George. French: Georges Clemenceau  Self determination of oppressed people  Creation of the league of nations  14 points issued 1917: 1. Open covenants of peace. 2. Absolute freedom of the sea in peace and war (as a result of neutral ships being sunk during the WWI by submarine warfare.) 3. Removal as much as possible of economic barriers. 4. Reduction of national armaments. 5. Impartial adjustment of all colonial claims. 6. Secure Russia’s own political development. 7. Restoration of Belgium. 8. to free French territories, and to return Alsace-Lorraine to France. 9. Readjust frontiers of Italy along the lines of nationality. 10. Allow the peoples of the Austro- Hungarian Empire to develop independently 11. Romania, Serbia and Montenegro should be returned to their own sovereignty. (Yugoslavia: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia), Wilson is behind the creation of Yugoslavia. 12. Portions of the Ottoman Empire, to be assured a secure sovereignty. (Anatolia, should recognize a state called “Turkey”) all other parts should become autonomous. 13. Restore the sovereignty of Poland. 14. Create a general association of nations.  Not practical to be altering the frontiers of various states in Europe, it was a complicated matter.  What is a just peace?  “War guilt”  What to do with the German colonies in Asia?  “ A peace to end peace”  Jan 19 1919: Conference of Versailles was open  Wilson, Orlando, Lloyd George, Clemenceau  Jan-May 1919, worked on the treaty, had a draft in May.  Called the German ambassador to the hall of mirrors. Rubbing the German noses down, vengeance for the French.  German representatives were stunned by the severity of the treaty.  Count von Brockdoerff-Rantzau protested  But allies on Jun 28 1919 – Germany protested, but signed the treaty.  Upset with article 231- Would have to pay allies war reparations until 1965.  Railway cars had to be shipped to th
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