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HIS1110 24/09/10

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University of Ottawa
Henry Habib

HIS 1110 24/09/10  King Edward VII takes the throne in 1901  Being a Francophile, it helped the French-English relations  Theophile Delcassé  1904 l’entente cordiale between France and Britain  Britain agreed to recognize French interests in Morocco  In return France recognized British possession in Egypt  This was a secret understanding  Both parties believed that Europe would be more secure if Germany preponderance must be checked  Britain had so far enjoyed “splendid” isolation, they did not need to be tied down by treaties  Isolation in 1900 was becoming problematic  Britain’s trade was beginning to falter, while Germany forged ahead.  British monopolies were in danger, due to the industrialization of France and USA  German steel production surpassed British steel production  German products in German ships underselling British products in British colonies  Race in naval armament  Britain increased taxes to build two ships for every ship built by the Germans  1902 Britain signed treaty of friendship with the rising Asian power Japan, allowing Britain to withdraw its fleet in the Pacific  Britain concentrated her naval forces in the northern Atlantic, where the Ge
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