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WWII Sevastopol lost to the Germans Germans stopped at Stalingrad, Leningrad Brits attacked the Italians in Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Italian Somaliland The Africa Corps – Rommel, objective: Seize the Suez Canal Yugoslavia and Greece Seized by the Germans, in preparation for the attack on the Suez Canal Crete taken by Germans Britain had Iraq, independent in 1932 1941 coup d’état took place, pro-British monarchy taken away. Iraq turns pro-German June 1, British and the Trans-Jordan army defeated the Iraqi government and reinstated the pro-British monarchy Syria/ Lebanon –Vichy Government, became hostile to the allies. - July 1941, Gaullist and British forces seized the territory. Iran – Reza Khan – Shah of Iran – Was sympathetic with Germany, Britain put up ultimatum against Iran, 48hrs in August 1941 Muhammad Reza Shah of Iran 1941-1979 Soviets and Brits attack Iran, Reza exiled in South Africa Egypt, independent state in 1936, had treaty with Britain. Forouk nominates a pro-British prime minister in 1942, 1952 – Army overthrew the King Battle of El-Alamein – German defeat: German loss of Africa Campaign thereafter Sicily Fell July 1943, Move into rest of Italy –Mussolini taken prisoner at one point. Provisional Italian government Badoglio -1871-1956, sept 8 1943… Italy out of the war afters Mussolini freed by German commandos, Republic of Salo, established in the
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