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HIS1110September 23 2013 Dual Alliance1989 GermanyAustriaHungaryItaly 1882Triple AllianceInternational Relations before 1914Treaties and Alliances are what keep the world togethermost important part of international law They bind nations Pacta Sunt SeravandaPacts Are BindingContracts are like treaties between nations you cannot liberate yourself from a treaty once you have signed it The Dual Alliance 1879 Between Germany and AustriaHungary This is the nation that best identifies themselves AustriaHungary was basically a German nation In 1888 a new Kaiser came to power Wilhelm II 18881918 He is very important Was an emperor He was not going to sit and not challenge Britain which was a conflict to Bismark Took over control of foreign policy He did not renew the alliance with Russia in 1890 By the time Wilhelm took power the Tiple alliance was formed between Germany AH and Italy Germany alone signed a treaty with the Ottoman Turks to establish friendship FranceFrance was reaching out for allies as they had none It was shamed by defeat by Germany 187071 FrancoPrussian War The French were in a sense in a humiliated position shamed by Germany and had no friends In addition France was weakened by an internal struggle between the Royalists or the Republicans There was an internal tug of war in France In 1875 by one vote they declared themselves a Republic The royalists continued to fight the republics for the next 2 decadesThey were isolated weakened by internal struggle and humiliated They played a peripheral role during the 1870 and 1880s The change came in 1894 when the French president decided to visit Russiato meet the Tsar in St Petersburgh This was quite the scene It was surprising that a liberal republic and a conservative
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