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Thomas Boogaart

Since my birth, communism has been dead and discredited. In the wake of WW2, communism presented a viable way to run the new world. Objectivity What is objectivity? (Who started the Cold War?) In order to answer the question we have to go back to the sources 8 Framework for understanding the marriage of convenience What if the grand alliance against Nazism was much like a failed relationship? Origins of the cold war I. Yalta Blue Print: would accidentally become the framework for postwar europe; the west came together and decided to do things differently than they did in the great war a. Casablanca conference i. Unconditional surrender condition b. Tehran conference i. Rumor has it that Stalin flirted with the idea of having armistice with Germany ii. War's turning point had been reached iii. Stalin gives the west an ultimatum for certain territories (Poland) 1. West acknowledges the need for the Soviet Union c. Perspectives at Yalta i. Roosevelt 1. Grand objective was to make sure that Stalin didn't turn his back on the alliance 2. Goals a. Needed Russian military power to crush Japan b. Stalin's participation in the newly organized League of Nations ii. Churchill 1. Felt guilty because he knew the Red Army was the cause of Germany's destruction 2. Wanted to keep Stalin in the alliance 3. Was more cynical and suspicious about Stalin 4. 1944: goes to Moscow and asks for an audience with Stalin; wanted to divide Europe into spheres of influence iii. Comrade Stalin 1. Resentment towards the west a. Felt western allies hadn't done their fair share; thought they had conspired to make the soviet union weak b. 1943: Surrendered to the west; west accepted 2. Real politik perspective 3. Secure economic benefits to rebuild USSR 4. Ensure USSR's security through acquisition of territory a. Buffer zone b. German disarmament 5. Relative soviet weakness made postwar survival of alliance beneficial 6. Capitalism's collapse imminent a. Wasn’t interested in waging a war with the west; thought capitalism would destroy it anyway 7. Ego: seat at the table a. As an abused child, was unconfident and craved attention d. The Yalta 'Agreement' i. Stalin's participation against japan/inside UN ii. Division of Germany into military occupation zones iii. ACC to coordinate german zones iv. No agreement on reparations 1. West thought germany was worth less than 20 billion $$ v. Disputed poland 1. Its boundaries, its constitution vi. Eastern europe: declaration of liberated europe
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