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Thomas Boogaart

Last time: Korea and the CMC. As a result of the CMC, the intensity of the Cold War died down. I. Superpower Chess Board a. Chess Metaphor i. The enemy of my enemy is my friend became the dominant trend in thought ii. Like in chess, strategy based on connections between bases b. The Containment Doctrine i. Kennan's containment doctrine 1. Containment: to try to prevent the expansion of communism because it is spreading evil. 2. Communists were subversive and would try to expand 3. Americans had to contain communism all around the world ii. Reaction to Baghdad Pact 1. Americans concerned because Soviets approaching middle east 2. Soviets: where is this coming from? We (soviets) have no interest in the middle east. c. Competing narratives i. Narratives told about each other direct their military strategy ii. There was an idea that all communist movements was directed by Moscow d. The hard lessons of Korea i. Ideas about communist threats and how to meet them is evolving over time ii. After Korea, US had to change its strategy; if every civil war in the 3rd world because a part of the containment doctrine, the US would forever be engaged in war II. US Intervention in Guatemala and Iran a. Eisenhower's New Look Policy (1954) i. Nuclear weapons are so terrible we shouldn't even contemplate using them unless the ecurity of the US is very threatened ii. Raher than sending the marines in,we have to use different tools, like our influences, the CIA, etc iii. Nuclear weapons taken off the table b. The Removal of Mohammed Mossadegh i. 1953: Iran: a popularly elected nationalist. Overthrown when he tried to clamp down on British petroleum. They had been mining Iran for profits. ii. As the british was withdrawing, they came up with a plan to overthrow Mossadegh. The US took over this plan and the coup was successful c. 1954 coup in Guatemala i. Country basically own by the United Fruit Company who paid no taxes ii. Jacobo Arbenz runs orpresident in 52-53; wanted to use the land that the United Fruit Company wasn't using and give it to peasants to use. This earned him votes. After, he tried to put his plan into action and the US was not pleased, and called him a commie 1. Claimed not to be and said he had inspiration from the American Revolution III. Superpower Limits: Vietnam and Afghanistan a. The USA creeps into Vietnam i. 40% of Frances supplies came from the US ii. 1954: Battle at Dien Bien Phu 1. Inconceivable to most people that the US could lose to a third world country iii. At Geneva: Decided to withdraw from North Vietnam but not south Vietnam. The US became a sponsor of South Vietnam in their quest to gain independence iv. Viet Cong: Guerilla fighters dressed as civilians b. Order of Battle i. Vietnam was a war the US was not ready to fight, mainly because they didn't
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