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Lecture 3

Week 3 – Disaster in the Congo + Cutting Colonial Ties.docx

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Week3DisasterintheCongoCuttingColonialTiesDisasterinCongo196066The congo was blessed with fertile landbut it one of the worlds poorest countries today The Zairian sickness sheds light upon the challenges associated with colonial independence Why did Asia seemingly follow the West towards prosperity while subSaharan Africa has faced such difficulties achieving its dream for independenceIDecolonizationinSubSaharanAfricaStates in Africa were not actually nations at the congress of berlin the European powers drew out colonial boarders1886 Berlin Conference The Carving of AfricaoTo hold power the Europeans pinned different ethic groups against each otheridea invented by Belgium Within Africa there was now civil wars btw ethnic groupsthere hadnt been an experience that these groups could group together as one collective identity oWhen the Europeans moved out these group clashed bc they had different goals for the state Nkrumah and Ghana 1957 ohe worked for a political stability for Ghana and the rest of Africaworked to destroy the colonist status in Africa oNkrumah hosted the Accra Conference for other African nationalists in 1958 and representatives from throughout SubSaharan Africa gathered to talk about independence and colonial injustices speaking mostly English and French while invoking the French Revolution and Western philosophy oas a result by 1967 nearly all the dominoes in SubSaharan Africa had fallen with the exception of the Portuguese colonies of Angola and Mozambique as well as Zimbabwe and South Africa which counted an unusual number of European settlers
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