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Lecture 6

Week 6b – The Palestinian Question I.docx

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Week 6bThe Palestinian Question IBackground Brief History of Palestine and ZionismThe origin of the modern state of Israel lies in Europe and the tide of antiSemitism that emerged during the late nineteenth century in the wake of the nationalist fervor sweeping over the region After WW1 the British had control over Palestine The modern state of Israel revived an ancient legacy but the descendants of the Hebrews had been evicted from their historic home almost two millenia ago While they retained their distinctive culture they had become mostly a European people with yiddish as their predominant languageThe Jews were mostly driven out by the Romans and over time the Arab groups settled in the land Jews and the Land of Israel oAfter the Maccabee Revolt Jews were evicted from Judea and their peoples were exiled and scattered largely in urban communities throughout the Roman EmpireIn Medieval Europe they were subject to persistent discrimination and frequent persecutionoDuring the Diaspora Jews generally fared much better in the Arab world than in Christian Europe were not persecuted by the Arab world unlike the Christian worldArabs in Palestine oEviction of JewsoPalestine as Province in various EmpiresOttoman EmpirethoEarly 20 Century Arab Societydivided by social classesoIn WW1 The British had involved themselves in Arab policypromised the Arab homeland if they helped to revolt against the OttomansBut at the end of the war the British didnt hold up their end Early Zionism 18701914 oassociated with Palestine the historic hearth of Jewish culture oEthnic Nationalism on the riseJews became an identified as a minority and persecuted by states o Theodore Herzl idea of ZionismZionism a Jewish intellectual and social movement that originated in late nineteenth century Eastern Europe and which proposed that Jews needed to settle their own homeland which most adherents increasingly Reversing the DiasporaoWeizmanninfluenced the British parliament to create pressure to support ZionismSince the British control Palestine it seemed only natural to make the Jewish Homeland its original landpromises they made to both sides clash oNot only would Arabs not get their own state but they would be ruled by a Christian colonial system
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