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Lecture 2

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Week 2bCutting Colonial TiesIDecolonization Historical Roots and Precipitating ConditionsWaves of Decolonizationodecolonization happened in two particular moments of geopolitical crisis after the Napoleonic Wars the Americas won their independence after Spain and Portugal were weakened and devastated World War II proved another destabilizing event precipitating the independence of Africa and AsiaColonialism oChanging cultureindoctrinationjustification of this type of rule oA multidimensional system through which an industrialized Great Power dominated the resources and lives of nonEuropeans in distant placesoSystem of exploitation made sure that the colony remained underdevelopedthey were there to provide European markets Overlapping Dimensions of Colonialism oControl over Strategic Resources European nations had sought out colonies throughout the world in order to monopolize scarce and strategic resources from neighboring competitorsoEconomic Underdevelopment The colonial system imposed civil and economic restrictions that reduced natives to cheap labor working on cash crops and resource industries to produce goods in demand for the mother economy while infrastructural investments were limited to the areas benefiting the colonial poweroSymbolic Value For many European countries colonies had cultural significance they were metaphors for a national culture and symbols of a colonial powers economic and ethnic prowessoDivide and Conquer European hegemony was maintained by dividing the colonys populace into competing interest groupsenhance ethnic identity oViolence and Consent NonWestern peoples were kept in check by Europeans through the joint application of violence and propaganda emphasizing white supremacy and the hopelessness of resistance to the colonial powerIIII Decolonization in Global Perspective 19471970oDecolonizationoThis term refers most precisely to the postwar process through which nationalist movements emerged in Asia and Africa to cut
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