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The Birth of Israel

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University of Ottawa
Hernan Tesler- Mabe

Map quiz thursdayThe Birth of Israel1 Introductionputting ones cards on the table and the issue of biasPolitically chargedWidely debated in many places of the worldScholars that believe that the Holocaust didnt occurcrazy people thinking crazy religious thingsEmphasizes the Jewish narrative 2 The Zionist idea and the Palestinian peoplesZionist ideaContoursJewish nationalismTheodor HerzlJournalistwrote in ViennaAtheistDidnt care about the Jewish causeCovered the Dreyfus trial and realized it was BSSaid that Jews would never be allowed to integratePinned the first points of ZionismThe society of Jews and the Jewish CompanyNo religious overtonesWanted to make sure this would not be a pipe dreamwanted it to be tangiblestarts collecting landAntiDreyfusCaptain in the French armySet up and charged and removed from the armyScape goat Remained in prison although he was innocentFirst Zionist Congress 1897Persecutions of Jewish peopleKishinev MassacreThe Jewish Perilall a lieJews that wanted to leave the Russian empireThe events of the war convinced the European community that the Jewish people needed a safe placemoving a problem that they startedGenesisModern articulation of ZionismWho are the PalestiniansThese identities werent defined in terms of what the national groups were
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