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Thomas Boogaart

April 8 2013 Post War Europe Rebuilding Shortage; no houses due to ariel bombardment, great depression and returning soldiers Political Disruption: - Refugees: German Ostlanders, holocaust survivors, and other ethnic refugees Economic Retooling - Industrial devastation: Russia and Poland - Agricultural Disruption: Soviet Crop failures (1946-470); German Starvations (1945) - Unemployment Political Instability - Political redistribution - Spectre of Communism : Italy, France, Eastern Europe, Greece (Civil War) The Marshall Plan 1. 1947 Communist Agitation in the West 2. The CIA and European Anti-Communism 3. The Marshal Plan (ERP) – Eastern Europe barred. Western Europe. Soviet Block Recovery 1945 -1949 1. Purging of old Order a. Nazi Collaborators b. Class Enemies 2. Food expropriation for home front 1945-1946 3. Revolution from within 1945-1948 a. Marginalize Enemies b. Socialist Coalition Governments c. Infiltrate the State. European Social Democracy A. Origins of the Welfare State 1. World War 2s impact 1941 i. Psychological drain of “total war” ii. Sacrifices and Suffering of ordinary people iii. Loosening of social roles and traditional mores B. Prewar Experiments with Welfare” 1. FDR’s New Deal 1933 2. The Beveridge Report 1942 3. State managed War economies 4. Russian State Socialism 5. Churchill’s Ouster 1945 C. Formula for Social Democracy 1. State Planning: Keyesian Economics 2. State Expropriation of Industry 3. Mixed Economy 4. Welfare Principle: Fair share 5. Public Housing 6. Subsidized Education 7. Healthcare as a right. D. The European Miracle 1950-1968 1. Germany 2. Regional Timing 3. Marshall Plan 4. Catch up effect 5. Rebuilding Scope
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