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University of Ottawa
Hernan Tesler- Mabe

The Discovery of America Introduction Europeans knew the worlds was NOT flat; otherwise Columbus would not have set sail Why did Europeans begin to travel? 1) Commerce. Mediterranean trade routes are blocked. Italian merchants have large control; the Ottoman Empire, the rest. (No longer an option) 2) Missionary zeal; Constantinople had fallen, the spread of Christianity had to go somewhere 3) Explore. During the middle ages; lots of contact with the Arab world (very different idea of how they saw the world); would like a better understanding of what the world actually looks like Early voyages Marco Polo and the Portuguese; travels to what it modern-day China and begins a very lucrative trade for spices (route becomes useless because of Ottoman Turks) Portuguese decide to go around Africa; travel extensively along the African shore, India and Malaysia A lucrative trade of slaves begins 1487-1488; have already gotten to the Cape of Good Hope Continue to use this route Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) Born in Genoa, by 1470s, becomes a sailor and begins to sail with the merchant fleet 1476-85 along African coast Formulates the idea that if you sail west, this might be a better route to get to Asia. Portugal: says no Spain: Fuck yeah August 3 , 1492 leaves Spain with 90 men on 3 ships 3 ships: Nina, Pieta, Santa Maria Arrives mid-October; the Bahamas Calls it San Salvalore Sails to the north-eastern part of Cuba, Haiti and the D.R Returns in March of 1493; would make another Died and convinced that he’d been to Asia. Spanish crown wants to continue to fund voyages. (Hopes they will profit) 1499; also sending officials and priests into the Americas to claim the ground and convert others America; named for Amerigo Vespucci (1454-1512) Italian navigator Convinced that it was a new continent As a result, is granted a position and develops a school for navigators to explore the rest of the world By 1494; the Pope weighs in. (to avoid conflict and also was interested in converting people) (Who will control what?) Treaty of Tordesillas; the divide of the world (Brazil is on the one side; therefore Portuguese) A sailor named Cabral; trying to go to India; runs into Br
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