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Lecture 3

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Jocelyn Tiron

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HIS Lecture 3 Jan 16 2011 Examens o Jeudi 16 fev 20 o Jeudi 29 Mars 30 multiple and devel questions o Final 50nouvel ordre mondial consquances de yaltafev 1945 guerre pas termine en asie et Europe Ger et JAP replit Sstill strong fra and CHIN to discuss being in UNUSSR thinks they have a right because of casualtiesGB longest in war power is finished USA still making atomic bombs 1945 hiroshimaPres wants strong US presence but put all troops in asia pacificPotdam new division of EUReplit BRIT FRAYalta Partafe du monderStalin and red army HUN POL ROM CHE Communisme in east eu o Every free country had to choose dmocratiquement et librement o Stalin imposed a pro communist gov en Romania fev 1945 o Pressure on free countries by red armystalin in most favorable position after Potsdam treaty o 2 nouveaux interlocuteurs Harry Truman Roosevelt et Clement
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