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University of Ottawa
Laure Gagne

Mediterranean trade network Very few things found in Cyprus, and Egypt while the Minoans still control crete  when the mycenaeans arrive they expanded the trade routes (cyrpus, near east, Egypt, Italy and sicily) - the Italians saw the myceneans as a civilization type reach for, much like Mycenae wanted to be like Egypt Cyprus - name literally means copper - main source of copper of most bornze in the bronze age - a crossroads of culture for the near east and Greece  a middle land for trade between the near east and Greece - white slip (milk bowl)  leaving Cyprus going to greece o small hand held pottery cup o fired really well that it kinda glazes so that hot liquids doesn’t seep through the clay - base ring juglet  Cyprus to greece o originally thought to be held opium  but you find these thing in places with lots of opium so why important from something else - pictorial krater greece to cyprus o mycenean pots (made in Tiryns) o the photos/drawings on the pot were made for the cyrprus market (very different motifs) o sharing of ideas - gets the potter wheel later than Greece, and uses to mimic other’s pottery Egypt - elite of the Mediterranean world in the bronze age o wealthy o unified and large o advanced - divided into 3 parts: upper Egypt, and lower Egypt - amuhotep III o his reign had the most interaction with Greece o all things imported into Egypt was considered by Egypt as gifts or tribute to the pharaoh o at the base of a statue of him, we see there are a number of names of Egyptian cities/people presenting gifts and tributes to the pharaoh o keftui (crete) and tiyanu (Mycenae) were listed separately - knossos o linear B tablets mentions the Egyptians o called them aigeptios, which was derived from how the Cretans tried to say the Egyptian name for those from the chapel of ptah o mycenaens must have known the Egyptians - hixon invade Egypt and take over and rule from the delta - during this time they found an Aegean-style fresco o some say it was made for a Minoan princess who felt homesick o was it a Minoan who painted this or was it a Egyptian who was given an image from a plaque or seal ring o half rosette pattern o photos of bull leaping  the detailing in the hands seems very different from that of the aegean’s undetailed hands, and seemed more like an Egyptian artist  but similar hands can be seen in akrotiri paintings, and they did leave after the earthquake, may have settled in Egypt. - Egyptians, like Cyprus, kinda tried to mimic the aeagen type of pottery o They copied the crinkled mouth of kamres ware - There is no Aegean depiction of Egyptians (possibly on the river fresco but we don’t know that) - Amarana founded by tut’s dad, who change all the Egyptian god into one god (sun god, atem) and made amarna the capital - The egpytians at this time were c
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