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Corinne Gaudin

Marx • Mostly wrote about an analysis of capitalism • Wanted to uncover the fundamental laws that determine the evolution of society • Most writing were about Ecenomics,history etc. • Basic principles of communism ⿞Materialism in the philosophic sense of the term,fundamental reality is material as apposd to ideas ⿞And ecenomic relations,these are the fundamental parts of all societies • What is important is the ecenomic relations of all classes of society • Identify who controls the means of production • Basis is ecenomic,class struggles,struggles over money are what pushes history • Everything else,all other institutions are dependent on that base • Voting does not change the fundamental issues of a capitalist society • So in order to rid all the misery you have to change the ecenomic system of the time • All societies progress inevitably through certain set stages of history,a mode of production • Each would have tensions and conflicts,and inevitably there would be a revolution from the former dominated class over the dominant class,new tensions,new mode of production etc. • Feudalism:under this dominant class is nobility,dominated is everyone else ⿞Eventlually this leads to a new class of merchants,turns to capitalists,and then capitalist stage • 1789 French revolution is capitalist:dominant is merchant,dominated is proletariat • But the competition in capitalism would lead to reduction of capitalists,bad for proletariat • The proletariat revolution,then eventually communism • In communism anyone who works and provides does so for the society,not for themselves • But Russia finds itself in 1914 only in the feudalism era. The Paradox of Russian Marxism • It was popular in Russia because scientific,objective analysis of Marxist theory was attractive ⿞it was also very optimistic,a dream of a more equal future,end of ecenomic misery ⿞Even more it is inevitable,because of the laws of economic development ⿞And also the worse things get the better it is,because it is a sign of revolution ⿞Plekhanov (father or Russian marxism) said that the Social Democrats were swimming in the direction of history • Because they are in feudalism era they feel they must help the capitalists to their revolution Lenin and Leninism • He was simply one of the leaders of the social democratic party • Since 1900 he was in exile in western Europe • He studied the situation in russia from abroad,and noticed what was happenin
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