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Corinne Gaudin

Cultural Rvolution • Reasons for importance ⿞Sense of political danger ‣ On party unity • A resolution that decreed that there could be debate within the party until a vote had been taken on an issue.Once a vote was taken all debating was ceased • This would end up taking a big role in the rise of Stalin... ⿞Sense of cultural danger ‣ The NEP allowed people to enrich themselves,but not everyone liked these new enriched people ‣ this was bad for the party of the proletariat,bad image,especially when they were folowing a policy of balancing budgets and having huge unemployment and bad education etc. ‣ The other political problem with this is the factories on the principals of profitibalitly were accompanied by the reinforcement of the authority of the old pre revolutionary specialists ‣ They were called bourgeois specialists,and Lenin declared they were necessary for restructuring ‣ They were the bosses,had better salaries,wives dressed like flappers ish ⿞Sense of education ‣ There is this idea that the state will wither away and there will be no classes,so the people had to be prepared for this,but can only happen if you have an educated society The Cult of ScientificThinking - Education is Religion • It was clear for Bolsheviks that religion is irrational explanation of Natural phenomenon • By bringing education they could abandon religion • The specific soviet policy on religion in the 1920s was relatively moderate,there wasn't a full all out attack, the Russian orthodox church lost most of its powers and property,but the right to practice religion was not attacked or forbidden • This is because the peasents were linked to religion,and didn't want to piss them off • And also because if they took away poverty then people would naturally give up religion • Also
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