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Description,_1980 - march 15 : armed members of FALN (Fuerzas Armadas de Liberacion Nacional) raided the campaign headquarters of Jimmy Carter in Chicago and the campaign headquartes of George H. W. Bush in New Your City o 7 people in Chicago and 10 people in New York City were tied up to their offices o a few days later Carter received threatening letters from FALN - june 3 : a bomb destroyed most of the exhibits in the statue of liberty story room (croations were suspected),_1981 - May 16 : an explosion in the toilets of at Pan Am terminal New York’s JFK airport o By the Puerto Rican Resistance Army 1980 - failed U.S. rescue attempt to save hostages in Tehran - John Lennon assassinated - Mount St. Helens Erupts - Pac-Man video game released - Ted Turner Establishes CNN 1981 - Assassination attempt on U.S. president Reagan - First woman appointed to the U.S. supreme court - New plague called AIDS - Personal computers introduced by IBM 1982 - E.T movie released - Michael Jackson releases Thriller - Vietnam War Memorial opened in Washington, DC 1983 - Reagan announces defense plan called Star Wars - Sally Ride becomes the first American woman in space - U.S. embassy in Beirut Bombed 1986 - Challenger space shuttle explodes - U.S. bombs Libya - U.S.S.R. launches Mir space station 1987 - DNA first used to convict criminals - New York stock exchange has a huge drop on “Black Monday” Many events occurred in the 1980’s that happened in the United States of America or was directly connected to the United States of America
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