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OrientalismEdward said was born in Jerusalem What is orientalismEarlier definitions of OrientalismNeutral meaning a term used for oriental scholarship Orientalism manner of regularizwed or orientalized writing vision and study dominated by imperatives perspectives and ideological blases ostensibly suited to the orient The orient is constructed by and in relation to the West It is a mirror image of what is inferior and alien other to the West The Oriental The orient is erotic with out a family it is static without progress and always in comparison to the west it is always considered the other The orient is constructed by a mirror image of what is different or alien to the west West In opposition to the orient the west is superior it is liberal and chirtian it is moving towards progress The oriental female is eager to be dominated and easily attainable she is repressed by her society but The oriental is biologically inferior and static and unchanging and dangerous it is irrational and fanatical and sexualized The relationship betwee
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