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Lecture 4

Week 4 –social order, renaissance, and reformation.docx

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Week 4 social order renaissance and reformationCommunityHouseholds existed in community community created the environment of the householdthe family lived in a public wayNeighbors monitored in a way Community were organized by secular and religious orderIn rural society the withiest land owner lord of the manners established the order of labour and land orderlife not only dictated by the season but also by the elite Urban elites also set to organize their communitiesresponsibilities to guilds municipal authorities who used regulations and bylaws to control areas they were responsible for The church was the spiritual and central place in the communityoFocal point for holidays and celebrationhelped mark life cycle of the members of the community oThe symbol of the power of the church would be seen to be the largest building in the townvisual manifestationIn towns there were ceremonial precessionssecular oThroughout of these processions there was always reminders of rank These community wide events become more selective over timeThe visual processionthe inclusion of many and social distance higher archlyAt this time there is only one church unified catholic church The processes of intellectual and religious change Renaissance 14001600oWas there actually one Have to know both sides of the opposing viewsoHistorians dont agree on a great deal on this periodhistoriography how historians understand the craft the methods and approaches different historians take on historyoLiteral translation is rebirthrevival of literature and thought oJacob Burkhardta historian who created the name renaissance to describe this period Argued that medieval was unsophisticated and trapped by religious thought Argued that the middle ages come to an end and enter the renaissance witnessing a new change in thought rediscovery of classical thought Greek and romanhe argued from the ancients and the realization of their art lit and philo Europe was reborn in an enlightened way
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