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Lecture 2

Week 2 – The Columbian exchange.docx

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Week 2A Widening World Expansion and Its Implication The European see themselves as born with a birthright making the world in their image They backed up their commercial ventures to the use of arms and force The superior technology of the euros brought them an advantage especially in the Americasplayed a significant physiological role in the overcoming of the Aztecs Global Trade Network Euros where not as successful in Asia bc it belonged to the same gun powder era oEx The ottoman empirewhy the Europeans had to expand to Americas bc their empire expanded and made it impossible to make it across Asia for trade seeking alternative roots t Asia for their goods oOttoman allowed goods to travel across Asia but at a high rateoThe ottomans had a slight disadvantage with the euros but they quickly adopted hand guns and weaponryoThis weaponry also made its way to the mughal empirebegan to adapt muskets into their army oFurther east the Chinese had their own fire armsthoIn the 16 century Japan fully copied the structure of the European weaponrymade guns only for elateBullion silvermercantilismassumes that the world has a limited amount of gold and silver It also assumes that the nation who has the most with be the most powerful oRealization that if your rich you can arm your own people you can purchase military on the open market eastern and southern EuropeoThe loyalties of explorers and military is healed by those who foot the bill oThere are so many gold and silver it fluid the European economyEcological ImperialismDesperate for spices and for land Property new England new France new Spain the Dutch east Indies The process of empire building took 500 years to establish fully stTragically in the 21 century the implications and catastrophic play outpost colonial worldThey were only capable of getting all of that when they figured out how ocean current and wind patterned worked The trade rootsoPortugese rooteastern Africa
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