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- In 1948 the Soviet States were Satellite States. - We had a coup that added Czechoslovakia. In these peoples republics the economy was entirely State directed. - The State running of the economy means that agriculture was collectivized and forced industrialization was implied. - The US takes the most actions in response to the Western movement to the USSR. By 1947 when the bulk of these communist States are created the US embarks on a policy of containment. - Containment targets not only the USSR union but also the Satellite States. One of the earliest formulations of this containment Doctrine is known as the Truman Doctrine of 1947. - It came to be known in relation to the USA’s response. In Greece in 1947 we had a coup d’état. This is important because the USSR pressured Turkey to allow the Soviet Navy direct access and strategic because the communists could have this overhaul with money and other means. - Truman in response to this coup d’etat asked funds from the US Congress to prevent the communist take over in Greece and Turkey. - When he goes to the Congress he didn’t argue specifically about Greece and Turkey, he explains that he needs a general, principle aid. “It was the American responsibility to support free people’s whom are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures”. - Greece is the far off example of this communist coup. The next confrontations are the one between theAmerican West and the Soviet aggression: Berlin Blockade. - The Soviets try to close off Berlin to the Western Allies by closing the Highway’s and Train’s to enter the Western Zone of Berlin. - What angered the Soviets was to amalgamate all of the German Zone’s together to form West Germany. - At the level of Europe the Blockade is more significant for larger structures that begin to be put into places. Debates about how to resolve the blockade speak to the kind of structures for the decades to come. - The treaty of Brussels is the first treaty to try and create a social security apparatus in Western Europe. - Three years after the initial signing Greece and Turkey also joins NATO. The definition of North Atlantic is not based entirely on geographic placements. - If any one State is attacked all of the other countries are forced to go in and help out that country with or without the use of armed forces. - The tension involved in this fluid definition means there was a lot of wiggle room for the States. Each member will respond with actions it deems necessary. - To give one example given by the US in 1950 the American proposed to re-arm West Germany and add it to NATO. - In response to two great involvements by the American’s some Europeans led by the French though it would be important to think of purely European Security this movement was led by France. - The alternative that was proposed was a European Defence Community. They wanted Germany’s involvement. But in this community Germany wouldn’t be in as high of a level of the other countries. - The US backed down from trying to integrate Germany to soon as a result. - This leaves us with a France deeply involved with NATO. - The French become the motors for European unity. - Their concern for creating new institutions, they want to create a new balance in Europe that integrates Germany without giving the German’s too much strength. They also try to make sure the USAdoesn’t dictate European politics. - Germany’s economy should be so tight to its neighbours. That way they wouldn’t be independent from the rest of Europe. France creates the European Steel and Coal Community. - This eventually becomes the European Economic Community of 1957 that eventually leads to the EU. - One of the ways the US and USSR react to communism is seen in the Korean War. - Neither side can claim a true victory in the Korean War. It's important to take this into consideration when we observe the institutions of Eastern Europe. - Some historians would make an equation of the US + Western Europe and USSR + Satellite States. - This isn’t entirely accurate to think of Western Europe as equivalent to these satellite States. But it’s interesting to note how these two superpowers had to deal with internal conflicts among their allies. - The Soviet Satellites States were able to be distinguished because of the Warsaw Pact. - Tito came into Yugoslavia. He wanted to make it a Federal Republic and end all internal divisions. - Once Tito had established this communist federal republic he followed the Moscow Party Line to a certain extent. He proposed some of his own ideas however. - His initiatives didn’t go over well in Moscow and Stalin expelled him from the Kominform in 1948. - Once Yugoslavia is expelled this means they didn’t have any political or economical relationships with the communist countries. - The US saw this great opportunity and rushed in with material aid to try and help out Yugoslavia. - Tito created his own version of the communist State. The biggest difference was that Tito wanted decentralization. He believed Yugoslavia would be more efficient this way. He didn’t want to make independent decisions. He wanted decisions to be made in the provincial and federal levels. He even reformed the communist party. - The Communist Party shouldn’t be entirely top-down. His attempt to re-make the Yugoslav communist party was very troubling to Stalin. He was scared of what would become of titoism and that this would spread to other Satellite Republic. Hence, Stalin began to purge any Communist Leader whom would have the same tendencies or openness to reform. - Stalin passes way in 1953. Tito wonders if he can trust the new Soviet Regime or should he turn Westwa
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