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Christian Champion

Course 2 September-09-13 12:54 PM BNA in 1867 • "We are foundingan Empire"HalifaxMorningChronicles,1864 ○ This paper still exists, the dailypaper in Halifax • July 1st 1867, the BNA act came into effect • This joinedNew Brunswick,Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec(the united Canadas)into the dominionof Canada • Great Britaingained controlof the French coloniesby the Treaty of Utrecht(1713) and the Treaty of Parisin 1763 • Underthe BNA act, AboriginalPeoples throughoutCanada were placed underthe jurisdictionof the federalgovernment BritishEmpire, 1880s • The foundersof Canada were Loyalists and Imperialists • Backdropfor Canadastill in 1939 • Our closestcousinsin the British Empirewas Australiaand New Zealand • It was a force of good,believesin prosperity, trade, growth,etc.. • All whichare necessaryto prosper • The Halifax Chronicledid not mean the British,the Chinese or the RussianEmpire in contraryit was talkingaboutthe Canada • Populationpressurein CanadaWest, Perth was as far West, an appetite for more land,CanadaWest is on the move • BritishColumbiaa colonyin 1866, unitedwith VancouverIsland • A broadempire= progress,a buildingblock in the British Empire • Always a pullto the south, most Englishspeakingsigned a list of grievancesthat said that Canada shouldjust give up and join the USA, Papineaualso signed this list, he was opposedto Confederationand kept his ties with les rouges, • Dorioncontinuedthe fight againstConfederationhowever,none of them were invited to the Conferances,which is the opposite in Ontario,and other provincesthat wouldbringoppositionwith them • By buildingthe BritishEmpire they stopped the Americanexpansionand expandedtheir own Empire • Reciprocity treaty of 1854, in 50 productsthere was free trade, agreementwas signedby LordElginfor 10 years, you couldwithdrawfrom it with a years notice if you wanted which didn’thappenin 1866 the British stoppedthe treaty • End of the civil war the unionhad a civil army • 1866 the Fenians,into new Brunswickand to NiagaraFalls, they wanted more action because the war was over • McMicman,started a spy group • Us governmentdoes nothingto inhibitthe Feniansfor several years, that thinkthat they can attack the British Empire by attacking the BNA • By the 1850s thereis a railwaybuildingboom in Canada,increasedprosperity • Encouragethe movementfor Confederation • In 1867,Montrealwas the leadingindustrialcity • RailroadswereCanada`slargestcorporationin 1867 "All my Politicsare railroads" • Sir Allan MacNab • Many of the Fathers had personalrailwayinterests: Galt, Cartier,Tupper,Tilley • AlexanderGalt, presidentof the St Lawrence and Atlantic railroads • Cartier,presentedthe billin the 1850sfor the GrandTronc Railroad,he served as a lawyer to the companyof the Grand Tronc Railroad • Tiley, Tupper,nova scotia, promotesthe railroadsin Nova Scotia, he is the presidentof the railway boardof Nova Scotia, they have lots of coals • Grits - GeorgeBrown,Scottish immigrant,wrote the newspaperthat is now known as the Globeand Mail,eliminate Frenchpower,he was Francophobe and anti-Catholic,did not like that there were equal seats for Frenchand English,he wants to eliminate the powerof French,he just doesn’twant FrenchPower in Cana
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