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Christian Champion

Course 5 September-18-13 11:20 AM Readings = • Readings ○ Craig brown ○ Peter Russell - political ○ Miller - unity and diversity ○ Joe Beef in Montreal • History of the peoples ○ Sections on staples in the economy (chap. 5) Nova Scotia • Economic decline 70% of revenue comes from Ottawa • W.S. Fielding ○ Anti-Confederate ○ Vs. National Policy ○ Premier in 1884  He introduces a motion to take Nova Scotia out of the Confederation in 1885  He gets 29 seats to the conservatives8  Takes over Joseph Howes spot ○ Election 1886 = withdraws from Confederation ○ Plotting with Laurier, 1893  He makes it known that if Laurier becomes Prime Minister that Fielding would drop this  Fielding becomes minister of finance ○ 1890s30% of economy comes from Nova Scotia coal, before that it was only 13% Quebec • Honoré Mercier ○ Quebec Liberal leader 1883 ○ Prime Minister of Quebec, 1887-1891 ○ Goal was a united «Parti National» for French Canadians in and outside Quebec ○ Rallied the premiers vs. MacDonald ○ November 17th, 1895 the Parti National was founded, the day after Louis Riel was executed Louis Riel as Political Symbol • Orangeism has hanged Riel for hate and to satisfy an old thirst for revenge(la Minerve, Montreal) • The Conquest will have to be fought over again (The Globe and Mail, Toronto) • By 1885,Louis Riel has become a martyr of Catholics and of French • Total destruction, or weakening of the conservative parti in Quebec • In 1887 Mercier,was reelected as Premier, Premiers Conference, 1887 • An assertion of Provincial autonomy • Held in Quebeccity from October 20 to 28, 1887 • Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Manitoba are present • Gathering of anti-MacDonald forces • They are opposed to life serving senators • Abolition of LegilativeCouncils • Provincial jurisdiction • Higher subsidies • Provinces choose senators + term limits • Reciprocity becoming a wedge issue for Liberals vs. MacDonald • «Blackmail»- Tories say • League of malcontent Liberal governments- is what it was called Newfounland • Responsible government1854 • Self-Governingcolony until 1907 • Dominion of Newfoundland 1907-49 • Province of Canada 1949 • Have a division along religious lines, even the partis divided against religious lines, Liberals were often Catholic, • Have a division along religious lines, even the partis divided against religious lines, Liberals were often Catholic, • 1869 conservativegovernmentunder Charles Fox Bennet • 1850sPhilip Little, White Way 80-90s ○ Railways, would the railway connecting the East
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