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Christian Champion

Course 7 September25131126 AMArticle Summary Any text that fits between 18671939 not including the second world war What the author wants to say Why he feels that way Paragraphs Read the article and take notes and then try to put it in your own words No cover page needed Not trying to critique just want to show what someone else is saying just explain the basics A Mounting Crisis1869An armed Mtis Band refuses to let McDougall into their land November 30 the Mtis led by Riel seized Fort GarryTurned back McDougall at Pembina Nov 2ndProvisional government December 8th A newspaper called the New Nation was startedDecember 8th an important feast feast of the consumption was the date chosen by the Mtis Riel Riel is not a typical leader of the Mtis he is not a hunter he seems to be the kind of leader they need to deal with Ottawa Riel starts to develop his own religion he is charismatic political leader when they just start out By 1885 he becomes the victim of a pretty serious mental illness Creates Messianic religious ideasHas the support of the clergy and the Church He needs the support of the Church because if he doesnt people are less likely to follow him His sister became a nun The only basis for the union of Canada must be by confrontation and not only annexation Canadian group in Red River lead by John Christian Schultz stats seeing themselves as the only real representatives of CanadaThey barricade themselves in some of the buildings armed of course Prov
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