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Course 8 September-30-13 12:59 PM Themes • Important lecture • Major themes was Canadian ideology (Canadianism) ○ First came on with the Orange Order ○ Quote from Gowen where he talked about all the different groups in Canada ○ Sam Hughs (IMPORTANT) ○ Idea of a homogounousCanadian came up again when we spoke about the red river community ○ Schultz, good example of this yearning, ○ Quote from an historians who was a conservativein 1901,because of the suppression of the rebellion, referring to the suppression of the Métis and the hanging of Riel, "growing Canadianism" ○ When does british imperialism become canadian imperialism ○ Sudan expedition ***** ○ How is it that Canadian nationalism ○ Agnes Christina Laut - books that she wrote, one main though you should take away, compare her idea of Canada and Empire with another women author of the same period Sarah Janet Duncan (EITHER MIDTERM OR FINAL*******)  Laut = canada had an empire of its own, canadians were empire builders, their empire was in their own backyard, so her books were Lords of the North, Conquest of our northern Empire, Empire of the North, she says in 1909(Empire of the North), instead of Canada being dependent on the Empire, the Empires most seeing statesmenwere looking to Canada for the strenght of the British Empire with a new empire of their own to developp, equal in size to the whole of Europe, canadian public men realized that they have enough to do without taken in hand Europpean affairs, sounds oddly like Henry Bourrassa (no buisiness in Africa, no need to get into wars that don’t have our interest in mind) she does not want Canada wasting its energy overseas either, isolationist, but her ideas clearly comefrom imperialism,against and with Bourrassas ideas,  Duncan = writes one of the best Canadian novels, her character is a typical ontario small town ambition man, (the imperialist), big idea in the book through this character is that Britain is kinda decadent and the huge cost and blood shead in the world war were signs of British decline, Kippling, no end of a lesson, no end of good, British are kinda affeat, decadent in London, and that it is manly and fresh Canada that should take control of the Empire, when they say Canadian they mean small town tenants, Sam Hughs subscribed to this idea, Canada would
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