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Course 9 October-02-13 11:27 AM • Last Lecture: ○ Wilfred Laurier after 1897, becomes Sir Wilfred Laurier  He was knighted  Former Rouge  Overwhelmingly pro-imperialist populationof Canada  Anti-imperialist in Quebec  Execution of Riel had impacted the different partis, which causes Laurier to create a new dynasty that will rule Canada ○ Rising nationalism ○ Laurier manages to appeal to the British and non-Britishsupporters ○ Even thoughLaurier is a French Catholic he manages to control the Orangistes ○ McCarthy joins Laurier's cabinet ○ Laurier says: 20th century will belong to Canada, relates to the point that Canada will have its own empire ○ Questions are should the bondsof empire be tighter or looser, Laurier wants the bond between Canada and the British to be looser, but he has to beat the imperial drum to gain this ○ Pros and cons of empire : ○ Diamond Jubilee  1897  Canadian soldiers and NWMP, marched in the parade  Laurier received a knighthood  Colonial Conference : stronger and looser government ○ Contintentalism  1887 Liberals floated idea of Commercial Union (Cartwright)  Liberal Policy in 1891 election (defeated)  Canadians are pulled to the United States  The Canadians are starting to ask for commercial union once again, which becomes a movement, it is politically maladroit (think word in French)  1890s Laurier losses the election badly to MacDonald  «On track to trade with the yankees»  Liberal idea of commercial union remains with them and they continue to harbour the ambition ○ Goldwin Smith  Oxford professorwho moved to Toronto  Joined Canada First but opposed Imperialism  Canadian «Nation was unnatural and should be abandoned  Union with the USA  Book «Canada and the Canadian Question», 1891  He drifts away from Canada First because of their imperialism and becomes increasingly anti-imperialist  Wrong to create a Canadian nation from East to West but more from North to South, he believes that the Canadian nations have more in common with their southern counterparts,(ex. Atlantic provinces and the colonies in the USA along the pacific coast)  He believes that Canada and the US are separated by the British Empire  East West railway, imperialist call this the chain of Empire, Smith attacks this,  He creates his own newspaper ○ Anti-Imperialism  Henri Bourassa, Born in Montreal, 1868  Grandson of Papineau  Entered politics after the Riel execution  Believed in English liberty and free trade but not Empire  No Canadian troops overseas  Laurier agreed with Bourassa's ideas □ Does not want to see Canadian troops fightingoverseas also  He is part of the Quebec loyalty to the Pontif  As an MP he travelled to the UK and met imperialist and anti-imperialist people in Britain  As an MP he travelled to the UK and met imperialist and anti-imperialist people in Britain  He is happy to see that in Britain there are people that are as anti-imperialistas he is  MacDonald lets volunteers go to the Battle in the Nile River in Africa but does not force people to go  Develops a doctrinethat Canada shouldnot be independent of the Empire, as it was protected under the Empire's umbrella, but that troops should not have to fight overseas.  The Canadian nations is composed of both French and English Canadians that should be partners with equal rights  Laurier's vctory in 1896 inspired many people who supported theses ideas, but they were disapointed when he went to the Jubilee  1899, the outbreak of South African War ○ South African War, 1899-1902  Britain vs. two Boer republics  Gold, diamonds,and labourers' rights  Should Canada send troops?  Overwhelming popular support  7, 368,Canadians troops served  British first stumbled a
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