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Course 17 November-11-13 1:01 PM VictoryParade, Paris 1919 • By Bastien • Arc de Triomph Canada in the 1920s • Review question ○ Political choicefacedby politicians in 1917,implications on the rest of the 20th century,the party that made the political choicein long term, the liberals, led by Sir Wilfred Laurier at the time. The choicethey had to make was to acceptBordon's government,with the idea of conscription, they pledged 100 000 troops to push for victory of the war, the idea was if they should join Bordon,  Laurier was wondering what the long term effectswould be of joining Brodon because French Canadians were against conscription  Recapturing Vimy Ridge from the Germans  Laurier`s choice was to champion the anti-conscriptionforces,he also knew that some of the English speakers were against the idea of conscription  38% of the Ontarians voted liberal  The question may be: □ Explain the dimlema of Sir Wilfred Laurier or; □ Compare and contrast Bordon and Laurier choices in the conscription debate or; □ Why did laurier not join the union government □ Look at the principles that stand against Consciption, but also look at the political side • A liberal Century ○ Years Liberals were in power:  1896-1911- 15 years  1921-1930- 9 years (conservativeinterlude in 1926 that lasted 3 months)  1935-1957- 22 years (after conservativesin power, fiveyears)  1963-1984- 21 years (Conservative interlude in 1979-1980,lasted 10 months)  1993-2006- 13 years (following Mulroney's11 years) ○ Total : 80 years between1896 and 2006 ○ Total in the 20th century:70 out of 100 years • Rise of the labour movements : ○ More and more with the number of union members,there is almost a doubling (to tripling) of the amount of people that are part of the unions during the war. ○ There is a large number of strikes ○ Strikes can be used for a political recognition ○ The Winnipeg Strike  Police open fired on the strikers ○ What brought this up was the great amount of immigrantsthat cameinto Canada during this time and would take the jobs ○ What animated them more was the amount of Canadian soldiers in Russia in 1917-1918 • Canadians vs. Soviet Russia 4 000 Canadian troops in Siberia ○ ○ Also 1000+in the North of Russia A handful of 40-50 in the South, the Caspian Sea Port ○ A handful of 40-50 in the South, the Caspian Sea Port ○ Reilly Aceof Spies ○ This was a major thorn in the labour movementbecauseCanada is fighting to strangle Bolshevism ○ White generals - attemptto rescue Russia from Bolshevist Japanese army gave the Canadians things to say thank you for coming even though they did not make it for the ○ battle ○ Labour movementput a large amount of hope in Russia ○ They resented the imperialist • Rise of Farmer based parties ○ Governments controlled by farmersin Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba ○ The UFA in Ontario ○ The UFO in Alberta ○ Progressive party managed to take 65 seats in 1921, and one of them was the first femaleMP. ○ Agnes MacPhail, ○ Largely Ontario and Eastern based part ○ War franchisefor women ○ Arthur Meighen,extended the franchiseto all women, there were however racial limitations ○ 1919 was the bill (act) The Actto Confer the ElectoralFranchiseon Women of 1919 ○ This gave Agnes MacPhail the right to run for Parliament ○ Agnes MacPhail,  She was a teacher  Grew up in a farmershomestead,
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