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Course 21 November25131253 PMNo chronological elements in the finale examIf we do well on the essay and the finale he will adjust the midterm accordingly A course on foreign affairs Achieving the status in the world History of national maturity Canada as a middle power In the 1950s Quite a big presence in Europe Size of the military gives us this power Also because of the united nations Its influence and its membership in NATO will underline the new international confidence The idea of a peacekeeping role gains a more glamorous image Engagement of Canada under the SaintLaurent and Pearson liberals and conservatives in between was a reaction to a collective to the isolation of the 1930s Attempt of the league of nations on article 10 was that there would be a collective response to maintain peace when someone tried to take over land One of the main points of the League of Nation the USA does not join this because of its famous isolationist tradition A Fire Proof House Canadian idea that Canada was a fire proof house Raoul Dandurand he made a statement in 1927 when he was representing Canada in the League of Nations was the Canadian delegate idea that the League of nation was supposed to be assurance over fire he said well Canada is a fire proof houseA fire proof house far from inflammable or combustible materials A vast ocean separates us from EuropeAn expression of the Quebec perspective on Canada and foreign affairs This idea was also shared by intellectuals like Frank Underhill We have had too many foreign affairs of late Underhill said and all these European
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