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Introduction September-04-13 12:01 PM Canada in 1867 • Canada : Population of 3.2 million • USA : Population of 31 million • In 1861: more slaves in the USA than the entire BNA population • 1861 - the outbreak of the US civil war ( the war of independence), even the south of the US that had less of a population had a larger population than the Canadas • Montréal was only the size of Dundee which was the 16th largest city in England • British politicians that were deciding the fate of Canada were more interested in what was happening in the civil war • Confederation was not the first union that arrivedin BNA, it was the union of Upper and Lower Canada, they have an assembly (chamber of commons), a legislative council (Senate) and continue under a governor sent from England Sir Étienne-Paschal Taché • 1795-1865 • Young volunteer in the War of 1812 (16 years old) • Trained as a doctor, practised for 22 years • Elected to the Assembly of Lower Canada in 1841 • Appointed to the Legislative Council in 1848 • Father of Confederation in 1864 • Knighthood by Queen Victoria
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