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Religion and Culture 18671896 November1913350 PMThe rise in clerical vocations and influenceThe late nineteenth century witnessed the progressive growth of the Roman Catholic Churchs influence in QuebecWas slow at adapting to the new realities facing the province aka industrialization and urbanization National church Quebecs Catholic Church was a national Church but it was also very much a part of the universal church Crossing the border to take care of catholic immigrants They are pursuing missions to convert Irish catholic clergy are settling in Quebec and taking care of the immigrants in Quebec Catholicism and nationalism are linked Shaped by minoritisation the process of becoming a minority Both Ireland and Quebec were minorities and seen there relationship with the Vatican as smaller under Britain Catholicism is a very national institution and experienceThe French Canadian clergy generally insisted that Catholic immigrants be served by clergymen of their own nationality Assumption that you are best served by priests of your own nationality Hope that it will be practiced outside of Quebec Parish was less territorial but reflectedlanguage and ethnicities La langue est la gardienne de la foiWill help you remain a Roman Catholic In the late 19th early 20th the French clergy was in a debate with the Irish clergy on who should have control The French Canadian clergy was involve in a protracted power struggle with the Irish clergy They have a different view on how to place religion in the province Irish believed that the integration of French Catholics into English speaking populations is the best idea for the preservation of CatholicismBest way to promote Catholicism Frenchmore defensive view This will have to do with who will control the Church Irish clergy won outside of Quebec because they were the largest Englishspeaking immigrants that were Catholic Vatican is giving Irish Catholicism control of Catholicism in CanadaProblem for the ultramontane clergy they did not want to believe that the pope was giving the power to the Irish they thought that the pope was misinformed Very frustrating for the clergy in Quebec Will weaken the French presence outside of Quebec mostly in New England but also in Ontario Irish think they own the Catholic Church Important in the early 20th century Tacit Vatican policy effectivelyCatholic rituals practices and beliefs structured French Canadian life from the cradle to the graveWas expressed in the theology courses in the seminaries but also expressed in the popular devotion by the people Popular practices could be anything from drinking holy water for good luck There are the teachings of the church and the way that the people choose to understand it they do not always go hand in hand The growth of church power and prestige was reflected in the increase in religious vocations 75 parishes in Canada lacked a parish priests1880 growth in female vocation and men vocation was growing fast female faster Great deal of energy in recruiting new priest and nuns More classical colleges were put into place to create better educations The age of the priests and nuns will diminish greatly by the 1880 Parallel growth in convents for nuns charities catholic hospitals asylums etc New parishes will be established in smaller communities in communities in Ontario New England and in the west For most French Canadian families having a son or daughter entering the roman catholic church was an honor Symbol of prestige and nobility for the family For a family to give a child to the church was the idea that the family was prosperous As economy was stabilizing more families were able to give children to the church Most clergy men and women were from modest rural origins in late 19th century Quebec which was different from France where most of them came from the middle and upper classes Clergy is closer to the people more influential and legitimate but also easier to recruit people that makes it moreHIS 3107 A Page 1
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