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Lecture 6

HSS1101 Lecture 6: Chapter6

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Health Sciences
Tien Nguyen

CHAPTER 6: MANAGING YOUR WEIGHT FINDING A HEALTHY BALANCE Introduction 52.1 are classified as overweight or obese according to body mass index (BMI) from selfreported height weight Percentage of men considered obese: 1619 ; while women: 1416 Overall, 60 of men 44 of women are considered overweight When selfreported used to determine height weight men overestimate their height while women underestimate their weight Both factors of misreporting result in lower estimates for BMI And thus, underreporting of the percentage of population classified as overweight or obese Percentage of population classified as obswage group 20 of boys girls ages 1217 were classified as obese based upon parentreported data Health risks and emotional, spiritual, social health consequences Determining the right weight for you Whether youre at healthy weight depends on body structure how weight is distributed Determine health status based on calculating your BMI BMI is obtained by dividing your weight (kg) by your height (m) *Between 3034 Obese class I whigh health risk *Between 35 39 Obese class II *Between 40 Obese class III What is the reason for difference in acceptable fat levels between men women? Due to genetics and structure of female male bodies and sex hormones Body composition has 2 main components: 1. Fatfree mass Made up of allbody components other than fats Women (than men) have lower ratio of this to fat mass (due to genetic differences in bone size mass) 2. Fat mass Pubertal development: fatfree mass in boys fat mass in girls Women experience greater weight fat due to hormonal changes, pregnancy menopause Body fat composed of 2 types: 1. Essential fat Necessary for normal physiological functioning ex. Nerve conduction Makes 37 of total body weight in men 1015 in women 2. Storage fat Serves to insulate, pad protect the body from cold and trauma (makes us the remainder of fat) Small of total body weight for lean people; 525 of body weight in health adults Ex. Female bodybuilders among leanest may have healthy body fat (813 ) Too much fat health risk; too little poor health Minimal amount of fat: necessary for insulating body vital organs, maintaining body functions *34 in men; 8 in women Excessively low body fat in females leads to amenorrhea or oligomenorrhea (a cessation or disruption in menstrual cycle) Between 813 important level of body fat necessary to maintain normal menstrual flow Starvation diets and certain diseases body exhausts available fat reserves begins breaking down muscle tissue not obtaining sufficient nourishment Assessing your body fat percent Body fat or body composition can be estimated using several different techniques These techniques are far more in depth than BMI calculations, etc Cost and access are to consider(since some can be very expensive difficult to access)
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