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Lecture 7

HSS1101 Lecture 7: Chapter7

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Health Sciences
Tien Nguyen

CHAPTER 7: Committing to relationships and sexual health COMMUNICATING: A KEY TO ESTABLISHING RELATIONSHIPS Enter adulthood you have developed unique way of communicating using gestures, words expressions body positions No 2 of you communicate in the exact same way or have the same need to connect w others Different cultures have unique ways of expressing themselves using body language to communicate Have to be willing to accept differences work to keep communication lines open Communication how you feel Some people are not raised in affectionate families or culture supportive of open expressions do not discuss feelingsemotions struggle to express what they feel Communication: process, our action, word, facial expression, gesture or body posture > becomes part shared history evolving impression you make on others If bring about the past in your new relationship: may be cynical, distrustful guarded in your exchanges w others Ability to communicate assertively is an important skill in relationship When youre assertive communicator: youre in touch w your feelings values; defend your decisions in positive manner Improving communication skills Since people have different ways of communicating no best way to communicate effectively Learning appropriate selfdisclosure Sharing personal information wothers is called selfdisclosure If youre willing to share personal info wothers: they will likely to do the same thing Not storytelling or sharing secrets; rather its revealing how you are reacting to present situation giving info about the past relevant to other persons understanding of your current reactions Though there is risk in divulging personal insights feelings Becoming a better listener Listening: vital part of interpersonal communication allows you to share feelings, express concerns, communicate wants needs; and let your thoughts opinions to be known You listen best when: 1. Believe that message is important relevant to you 2. Speaker holds your attention through humour, dramatic effect use of media and other techniques 3. Youre in the mood to listen (free of distractions worries) You likely have times when you simply tune out this tunedout behaviour: result of lack of sleep, stress, preoccupation, drunkenness or being under influence of drugs Also because speaker is a person who talks for the sake of talking or what heshe talking is boring CHARACTERISTICS OF INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS Definition: intimacy involves feelings of emotional closeness connectedness wanother person and desire to share each others innermost thoughts feelings Intimate relationships characterized by 3 terms: 1. Behavioural interdependence Refers to mutual impact that people have in each other as their lives activities become intertwined 2. Need fulfillment Fulfill psychological needs; needs that only met only through relationships wothers as follows: *Needs for approval sense of purpose in life: requiring the sense that what you say do matters *Need for intimacy: requiring someone wwhom you can share your feelings safety *Need for social integration: can share worries concerns *Need for nurturingneed for being nurtured: you can take care of can take care of you *Need for reassurance or affirmation: someone tell you that you matter In other words: rewarding, intimate relationships, partners or friends meet each others needs Serve as major sources of social support reinforce your feelings that youre important and serve a purpose in life
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