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Lecture 4

HSS1101 Lecture 4: Lecture 4.2

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University of Ottawa
Health Sciences
Raywat Deonandan

Lecture 4.2: Disability and Demographics Disability Rates rise with age Stats canada Graph Disability and Gender -Women have a higher prevalence of disability in almost all age groups Prevalence in disability rates in Women and Men -Women tend to assume responsibility for childrearing and elder care and are more likely to be lone parents and to have fewer opportunities for stable, high-paid employment -Women with disabilities are more likely than their male counterparts to live below the low income cut- off Disability and Income/Employment -Disability is an impediment to employment, and therefore a gateway to low income and poverty -While about 82% of americans are employed, only 52% of disabled americans have a job and only 26% of those considered to be severely disabled -In canada, disabled men earn about 10,000 less than their non-disabled counterparts, with the gap for women being slightly less Disability and Employment -Disabled adults in canada are about half as likely to receive a uni
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