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Fundamentals of StrokeTBI Epilepsy

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Fundamentals of Stroke Ischemic Stroke Stops oxygen flow cells die Blood vessels get blocked oThrombolicBad cardiovascular health in general blockage in vessel built up over time oEmbolic Blockage originating somewhere else travelled to site of stroke ie blood clot oTransient stroke Minitemporary stroke oLacunar stroke Stroke of a relatively small vesselnot how big the vessel is but location that is importantHemorrhagic stroke When blood vessel bursts bleeding intoon the brain oIntracerebralin the brainoExtracerebralon the surface of the brain in the meninges Fundamentals of Traumatic Brain Injury TBI AccelerationDeceleration injuries Coupcountrecoup oThe side that gets hitcoupoThe side directly oppositecountrecoup due to brain rebounding back Closed skull inju
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