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DNA STRUCTUREREPLICATION3 and 5 ends the asymmetric ends of DNA strands5 having a terminal with a phosphate group3 having a terminal with a hydroxyl groupDNA replication proceeds in the direction 53new units added to 3 endwhen the nucleotides link up to make DNA polymers the 3 hydroxyl end links up with the 5 phosphate end to form a phosophodiester bondAdeninea compound which is one of the four constituent bases of nucleic acidspaired with thymine in double stranded DNApaired with uracil in RNAa purine derivative nitrogen containing baseBase Pairsa pair of complementary bases in a double stranded nucleic acid moleculeconsisting of purine in one strand linked by hydrogen bonds to pyrimidine in othercytosine always pairs with guanine adenine with thymine in DNAconnected through hydrogen bondsComplimentary StrandDNA synthesized from a mature mRNA templatecontains the template information for the creation of a new copy of another strandbind together as a result of base pairing Cytosinea pyrimidine that base pairs with guanine in nucleic acidsa compound which is one of the four constituent bases of nucleic acidspyrimidine derivative nitrogen containing baseDNA HelicaseAn enzyme that catalyzes the unwinding of DNA template strandsfamily of motor proteins found in both eukaryotes and prokaryotesmove along the DNA double helix separating the
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