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Lecture 15

HSS2111 Lecture 15: HSS2111 Lecture note 15

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Health Sciences
Tien Nguyen

Lecture 15 Soft & Hard Tissue Injuries Part 2 2016 International First Aid Guideline –Treatment of extremity injuries:  could cool sprained joint/soft tissue injury Ice/cooling NOT be applied for 20min+  There is NO clear evidence shown/proven to be right- rather icing will significant decrease in recovery  update every few year Hard tissue injuries**know all types of breaks Fractures: disruption of continuity of bone –type/size affected by loading/stress, bone health, bone size/shape, maturity can be open - break into piece -/closed - less severe Kids are more likely to heal fast -allowing plasticity to work Older elders -will get more severe outcome Signs/symptoms: swelling, deformity, pain, tenderness, discolouration –lost sensation under the fracture =nerve injury Treatment: stabilization, external fixation, Physical Therapy, exercise for strength/functionwe lose lots of muscle strength as we don’t use the broken part of the body Dislocation: joint displacement commonly by sudden impact damage to ligaments, joint capsule +muscles/tendons Subluxation: partial dislocation Sign/symptoms: pain, deformity, inflammation, loss of function Treatment: reduction of joint -bringing the joint back in place -seek physical therapy, exercise for joint/ROM  it is prone to re-occurrence of dislocation **finish the summary chart Appendicular Skeleton -Lower limbs & pelvis injuries The Foot & ankle Arches of the foot: dispersion of the force on the foot 3 key arches involved in the foot Talocrural joint: linkage with the talus  use of the inversion and eversion of the foot Ankle -ligaments: Calcaneofibular ligament: link with calcaneus to fibula Anterior/posterior talofibular ligament: talocrural to fibula
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