DVM2106- Refugees and Humanitarian Assistance

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University of Ottawa
International Development and Globalization
Ruby Dagher

Lecture 18March2814406 PM Refugees and Humanitarian Assistance Downside of Migrationsometimes the assistance to migrants puts the people coming into the host country at a higher level which causes tensionsThen you sometimes have outside assistance for them which affects the local economy increased pressure leads to increases in political strain violence for the government to look afterNegative consequences of remittancesuneven developmentex Many darker skinned women arent accepted into Spains programs so their areas arent being affected expatriatesex Its their money and political support that convinced the Americans to accept the Afghanistan leader when there were other options for the localsRefugeesyou can walk into a refugee camp and not know it Its not looking at how degraded things are that you know theyre in a refugee camp a lot of refugees come from a place to survive so they dont just sit around idle theyll do whatever they need to survive which could mean pick
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