DVM2106- UN/Multilateral Agencies

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International Development and Globalization
Ruby Dagher

Lecture 14 March-14-14 4:01 PM UN/Multilateral Agencies -group work • Cultural proximity • Having dialogue between different experts of different perspectives • More resources • More influence/reach • Challenging international divisions between North and South -because of our view of big organizations as being corporate, and bureaucratic may taint our views Benefits -there's a limited amount of aid money so if they access to more resources that's good -huge resource of expertise if it's allowed to be expressed -ex. UN security council can deal with global threats and intervene - power and legitimacy to do that -UN has offices all over the world and can react to different humanitarian disasters faster -Most donors won't give money directly to Somalia (security purposes) • The UN did provide aid to Somalia so donors said that the UN was their trusted partner and allowed them to do the work while giving them money -power video • The UN has the influence to change the entire population from not using these stoves • The Nigerian gov. gave in despite these stoves, as a product of o
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