DVM2106- Post-Development and Alternatives

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International Development and Globalization
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Ruby Dagher

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Lecture 12 March-07-14 3:59 PM Post-Development and Alternatives -important points on Foucault are in the slides, don't worry if you don't understand in the reading -Post-development rejects the development paradigm • Popular one would be Escobar • Some consider it as a wide net that captures everyone outside of the current development framework • direct democracy vs. representative democracy -every local person has a say in what effects the locals - you're not talking about a central state but about making changes at a local, municipal level -China is a people's democracy • It's about working at the lower level and not moving up, just staying at the local level -Post-Development Theory • Importance of language - local language and mannerisms are important - what's the cultural norms and informal meaning behind these worlds -even if you can speak it doesn't mean that you know what it means -so having people from the outside is difficult • WB coming in is considered to be more scientific and traditional knowledge is seen as the least important while we attribute greater importance to scientific knowledge • Not all post-developmentalists say all this -Post-development and Neoliberalism • The Post-Developmentalists wont' say the economy will solve everything but they don't want aid (ex. Moyo- aid is ineffective and it hurts) while Neoliberalism says the economy will solve everything • Neoliberals think that state responsibilities should be minimized and that the market will help locals find what they need • Post-developmentalists think that redistributive policies require a strong state and who are you to say to a local that you can no longer have this and give it to someone else • Could local alternatives become threats to global markets and neoliberalism? -saying that you don't have an alternative so you'll let global capitalism thrive isn't a good enough excuse -there are alternatives but not necessarily strong ones -Critiques • Allows for the expansion of global capitalism because
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